Trinseo | Our Approach to Sustainability

Our sustainability strategy centers on a scientific approach.

With 15 Sustainability Goals that contribute towards building a circular economy, we are dedicated to inspiring our employees, communities, stakeholders, value chain and customers to take sustainable actions.

By utilizing measurable outcomes, we can deliver solutions to markets that are proven to be better for the environment than their traditional counterparts - without compromising on material performance. Tools like Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) or Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) help us understand a material's impact through its complete life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal, in order to compare it to fossil-based or other benchmarking materials.

By partnering with us, you can improve your business’s environmental impact based on scientific evidence.

Discipline, Science, and Culture

Our formula for success. We use these three principles to guide our sustainable efforts in order to deliver transparent, measurable results.


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