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Supplier Responsibility

At Trinseo, we hold our suppliers to the highest criteria of business conduct and supplier standards through policies, contractual provisions, and supplier assessment and selection processes that meet comparable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements.

We want to partner with like-minded businesses that are driven to reduce their impact on the environment and community, requiring stringent ethical considerations for people throughout the value chain process.

Procurement activities are to be conducted with integrity and care for the health and safety of our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities and for the protection of the environment. Furthermore, our procurement team strives to maintain a sound business relationship with our suppliers, aiming for mutual growth, encouraging innovation, and adopting a culture of continuous improvement.

Supplier Responsibility is just one part of our 2030 Sustainability Goals, which together will help us achieve a more sustainable future for our company and the communities we serve.

2030 Sustainability Goals

Supplier Responsibility extends our commitments to our suppliers, vendors, and value chain partners to deliver a positive impact beyond the communities we serve.

Trinseo continues to evaluate suppliers against policies and procedures such as the Supplier Code of Conduct and Corporate Procurement Policy, which are utilized in our evaluations for the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) scorecards and as part of our supplier selection criteria. In 2022, we set the goal of having at least 50% of A-suppliers opt into the EcoVadis rating system, which scores businesses on 21 issues under four themes: Environment, Labor Practices & Human Rights, Fair Business Practices, and Sustainable Procurement. We exceeded this goal and have set our sights on achieving an 80% opt-in target for 2023.
In 2022, we continued to contract Beroe, Inc. to analyze records related to financial checks, anti- corruption, sanctions and due diligence records, EcoVadis business sustainability ratings, and health and safety alerts to evaluate our suppliers based on compliance with Trinseo’s sustainability requirements. Additionally, we hired EcoVadis for an advanced solution to analyze and evaluate suppliers.

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