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Bath, Pool and Spa

Industry Overview

High Quality Materials for High-End Design

With many years of successful experience in the industry, Trinseo acrylic resins and sheets have been specially designed for the manufacturing of high-quality acrylic bathtubs, shower trays, pools and spas, meeting the highest requirements for aesthetics, light weighting, durability and processability.

Bathtubs and Shower Trays

Trinseo acrylic resins and sheets for the wellness market are specially designed for baths and showers. High-quality materials that enable:

  • Optimum safety: Acrylic is unrivaled for shock and chemical resistance on the sanitary market.
  • Exceptional durability: Even after extensive use, Trinseo acrylic is engineered to provide lasting beauty and colors that remain bright.
  • Improved sound insulation: Better sound absorption capabilities than metal.
  • Prolonged heat insulation: Acrylic bathtubs keep heat in longer, so users are gaining substantial energy savings and greater comfort.

Trinseo acrylic resins and sheets also allow for the creation of bathtub extensions and aesthetically pleasing bath panels, bathroom accessories (sinks, shower and tub screens, wall fittings) for homes and public buildings.

Pool and Spa

Trinseo has a long history of creating materials that stand the test of time. Co-extruded over ABS or HIPS, Trinseo’s acrylic resin capstock provides a durable, beautiful, multi-layered sheet. Also, this resin can be thermoformed into spa shells. Acrylic resin is sold to multi-layer sheet extruders.

For use in a variety of pool and spa applications, acrylic capstock delivers stunning pearlescent, granite, and metallic effects. Multi-layer spa sheet comes in a wide variety of finishes and colors, with a limitless selection of weatherable options for the spa market.

Trinseo’s PMMA capstock has been used for many years with proven performance in the decking industry. For the same level of performance on your spa’s exterior surroundings – and the look and feel of painted wood – Trinseo capstock has you covered.



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