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Lighting and Diffusion

Industry Overview

Creative and Durable Solutions for Lighting

Trinseo acrylic resins and sheets play a vital role in the development of creative and durable solutions in lighting applications.

Following the increasing demand for innovative LED lighting solutions, our team has used extensive experience in lighting and acrylic materials to develop and launch a complete portfolio of dedicated resins and sheets, from optically clear to highly diffused, and reflective. Resins and sheets offer unique sets of properties to meet the new technical requirements brought by challenging applications used in architecture & construction, automotive & transportation, lighting design, consumer goods and visual communication.

Crystal Clear Applications

With unique optical qualities like remarkable transparency and with excellent heat resistance, Trinseo PMMA is the ideal product for designing lamps, light fixtures and even lighted lampstands. With a wide variety of colors and textures, Trinseo PMMA is a chance to play with light and space to create unique atmospheres and bring a room to life.

As light sources become more powerful and luminaires more compact, Trinseo offers acrylic resins for applications that require high heat resistance.

Diffusive Applications

Trinseo resins and sheets offer innovative solutions featuring a unique set of properties that LED lighting designers have dreamed of: better diffusion of intense LED point light sources to provide an even illumination, without sacrificing significant light transmission.

Successful applications include lighting cover for:


  • Street lighting
  • Stadium lighting
  • Signs and signage
  • House lighting


  • Warehouse lighting
  • Horticulture lighting
  • UV transmitting lighting (Medical)
  • Workshop lighting
  • Office downlights
  • Furniture

Cost-Effective and Energy-Saving Solutions

The formulation for Trinseo PMMA is optimized to evenly diffuse as much light as possible while providing the maximum light transmission. The result is a range of colorful products that offer superior light diffusion and reduce energy consumption by decreasing the number of LEDs required in the final product compared to conventional PMMA. These attributes make it perfect for applications like signs, architecture, design and lighting.



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