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PULSE™ Engineering Resins for Premium Interiors and Exteriors

PULSE™ Engineering Resins combine PC and ABS with an ideal mix of mechanical, thermal, and rheological properties for use in both high-performance interior and exterior applications.

With three decades of experience, Trinseo Automotive holds a leading position in the PC/ABS markets in Europe and North America. PULSE™ Engineering Resins provide strong technical features, such as low density, low emissions (VOC), and high impact strength. PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins are approved for many premium OEM specifications.

The PULSE™ GX series is optimized for interior component applications like mid/floor consoles, instrument panels, pillars, and more. PULSE™ GX50 Engineering Resin is an easy flow, medium-heat PC/ABS resin with a density that allows part cost reduction for unpainted components. PULSE™ GX70 Engineering Resin offers evenly distributed low gloss appearance suitable for larger parts. With the same lower density characteristics of PULSE™ GX50 Resin, both resins are suitable for premium unpainted surfaces.

Additionally, we have now leveraged key features of our PULSE™ GX series into the PULSE™ XT series for exterior applications. The mineral-filled PULSE™ XT7215 Resin provides an ideal density for lighter weight and optimized costs — or a coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) that enables an improved dimensional stability and a better fit and finish. PULSE™ XT7215 Resin delivers a 10% reduction in density versus currently used filled PC/PET products for spoiler and roof rail applications.

The unfilled and mineral-filled PC/ABS blends of our PULSE™ XT series offer high flow, which allows for more complicated designs as well as thinner wall thicknesses. This series can also enhance your exterior applications, such as bumper grilles, roof rails, spoilers, and side mirror housings.

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