Trinseo Raises Funds for Shanghai School Shoe Donation
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Shanghai Shoe Donation

The Trinseo Shanghai team recently raised funds to provide 2,038 pairs of shoes to schools in the mountainous areas of China, helping to provide winter warmth for children in need.

While children residing in some Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, have access to warm winter clothes, other children in the remote mountain areas in Guizhou and Yunnan — where the winter weather is even more extreme — often only have tattered shoes, or even sandals, to wear. The Trinseo Shanghai office saw an opportunity to support the “Warmth Begins with the Step” program of the Shanghai Easy Charity Foundation, which provides winter shoes to three primary schools in remote mountain areas.

"Trinseo employees raised funds to donate more than 2,000 pairs of shoes for children in need."

The Trinseo office made a donation that allowed for 2,038 pairs of shoes to be given as part of the program. In addition, several employees helped with packaging, loading and transporting the donations, and preparing greeting cards to accompany the donations, so the children would receive well wishes along with a new pair of shoes.

People unloading shoe donations