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STYRON™ CO2RE™ Polystyrene Resins

STYRON™ CO2RE™ Polystyrene Resins allow customers to benefit from the circularity of polystyrene made possible by the capacity of the material to be reused, and its unique capability to be fully recycled to the constituent monomer

Trinseo has been working tirelessly on unlocking the recyclability of polystyrene. Our goal is to ensure that the material doesn't end its lifecycle as waste and, instead, is reused productively for sustainable manufacturing and a positive environmental impact.

Trinseo has partnered with a network of providers throughout the value chain ranging from those that collect, sort, grind and purify. Today a systems approach is needed - no one can go at it alone.

Following is what we've been doing to make recycled polystyrene the reality that it is today. We invite you to join Trinseo as we grow our STYRON™ CO2RE™ portfolio and you continue on your sustainable solutions journey.


Trinseo manufactures recycled content containing resins using dissolution technology. With this approach, post-consumer recycled (PCR) material is dissolved in a compatible solvent to separate the polymer from contaminants. Following filtration, the material is fed into a reactor resulting in a polymer with 30 percent PCR content for use in a variety of applications including appliances, electronics, construction, consumer products and even food contact applications, if a functional barrier is used to ensure compliance.


Trinseo has ventured into depolymerization, the ultimate in circularity that involves taking plastic waste back to its monomer state. Together with Recycling Technologies as its technology provider, Trinseo will build one of the first two PS depolymerization recycling plants in Europe with a completion date of 2023. Between the two, an expected 30,000 tons of PCR polystyrene feedstock is expected to be added into the European marketplace annually.

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STYRON™ Polystyrene Resins

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