Trinseo | MAGNUM™ CO2NET™ BIO ABS Resins


Our MAGNUM™ ABS Resins include a wide range of injection-molding and extrusion grades. Manufactured by continuous mass polymerization, they offer low base color, high thermal stability, low moisture pickup, superior lot-to-lot consistency, and a purer polymer due to lower levels of process additives. As a result, our ABS products allow for easy coloring, cost-efficient processing, and superior surface quality.

Benefits of MAGNUM™ BIO ABS:

  • Prime quality
  • No need to re-qualify
  • Quantifiable environmental benefits


Note that the percent CO2 reduction in the chemical constituents of ABS and SAN reflect the amount of that chemical in their formulations making carbon footprint impact proportionately similar.


Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ BIO ABS is available with up to 80% bio content and can be tailored to meet a desired CO2 profile.

Letter of Sameness

Trinseo's MAGNUM™ BIO ABS can be used with existing tooling and equipment under the same processing conditions. There is no need to requalify any of the materials - they are structurally and functionally the same as their fossil-based counterparts. Letters of Sameness can be provided with this verification.


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