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APILON™ 52 C TPU Polymers and Compounds

Our APILON™52 C TPU family is organized into different chemical types. They are designed to provide physical and chemical performance corresponding to the specific needs of different uses, particularly in footwear, clothing, leather goods, and furniture.

APILON™ 52 C are urethane-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPU) developed for the production of synthetic fabrics by dissolving them in solvents and then allowing them to subsequently coagulate. They stand out for their excellent physical-mechanical characteristics, which provide excellent toughness, abrasion resistance, flexibility and elasticity at a range of working temperatures.

APILON™ 52 C includes soft and rigid grades (ester-, ether-, and hybrid ester-ether-based), special polycarbonate-based grades, and other innovative grades that are the result of polymer alloys.

The polyester-based types of APILON™ 52 C are intended for applications that favor the quality/price ratio of a polymer. Its excellent chemical and mechanical properties make this range a basic starting point for the production of coagulated bases for the synthetic leather industry.

The polyether-based grades offer excellent resistance to light. Their high mechanical and hydrolysis resistance make these APILON™ 52 C products ideal for footwear, sports clothing, home furnishing, and all high-tech industries.

The polycarbonate-based grades are renowned to be high-class products used to manufacture applications that do not allow chemical and mechanical performance compromises, which always guarantees the best possible result.

Main technical characteristics of APILON™ 52 C TPU Polymers and Compounds are:

  • Rigid grades with loading at 100% of elongation (ASTM D 638) 16-30 MPa
  • Medium grades with loading at 100% of elongation (ASTM D 638) 8-10 MPa
  • Soft grades with loading at 100% of elongation (ASTM D 638) 5-6 MPa
  • Range of customizable viscosities from very low (LV) to very high (HHV) viscosity grades
  • Special grades with ultra-high resistance to hydrolysis, microbes, and bacteria
  • Tailor-made grades for special applications
  • *Recyclability

Contact our team and learn more about our APILON™ 52 C TPU product family for coagulation and coating technologies applications.

*According to the Association of Plastic Recyclers definition, which is based on OECD guideline and based on the data of LIFE16 ENV/ES00254 project of the European Union.

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