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APILON™ 52 A/C Thermoabrasion Resistant TPU

APILON™ 52 A/C is a thermoabrasion TPU offering a soft touch, advanced aesthetics and a very high thermoabrasion resistance compared to standard TPUs.

APILON™ 52 A/C is a thermoabrasion resistant TPU from Trinseo’s fully customizable line of thermoplastic polyurethane polymers and compounds APILON™ 52. It has been developed to enable the next steps in footwear outsoles. Offering important features, such as soft touch, advanced aesthetics, and comparable thermoabrasion resistance with legacy materials, the APILON™ 52 A/C is especially suitable for vulcanized rubber and EVA replacement in the athletic footwear industry. Thanks to its characteristics, APILON™ 52 A/C is also suitable for the demanding fashion industry as well as for manufacturers of luxury and professional footwear.

Its thermoabrasion resistance makes it more durable than standard TPU with same hardness range and comparable with rubber (tested in standard condition DIN 53516 @ 50 ± 2 °C). Therefore, the material is highly suitable for outsoles. Above that, APILON™ 52 A/C is particularly designed to perform in the production process. Compared to other thermosetting materials, the APILON™ 52 A/C requires up to 70% less production cycle time, allowing for more productivity and quality consistency.

Technical Details

APILON™ 52 A/C Characteristics:

  • Enhanced thermoabrasion resistance <45 mm³ (DIN 53516 @ 50±2°C)
  • Hardness in the range of 65 ShA to 75 ShA (ASTM D972)
  • Density range of 1,17g/cm³ to 1,20 g/cm³ (ASTM D2240)
  • Glossy finish
  • *Recyclable

Transformation Technologies:

  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Calendering

*According to the Association of Plastic Recyclers definition, which is based on OECD guideline and based on the data of LIFE16 ENV/ES00254 project of the European Union


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