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Safety and Security

Industry Overview

An Excellent Alternative to Glass

Trinseo acrylic resins and sheets are available in several durable varieties, including bullet-resistant, impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant product lines, and help keep people safe.

Security Window Partitions

Bullet-resistant acrylic glazing materials provide patented protection for high-security environments. Trinseo acrylic sheets are easy to cut, drill, route, and cement using conventional methods. Lightweight and crystal clear, they are an excellent alternative to glass for protective barriers. Trinseo acrylic sheets are commonly used for counter barrier windows, access doors and under-counter protection.

Applications include:

  • Banks, government buildings, convenience stores
  • Kiosks, ATMs, drive-up windows, bus shelters
  • Prisons, jails, detention centers, psychiatric hospitals
  • Partitions between front and rear seats in police vehicles and taxis
  • Counter barrier windows, protection under service counters, access doors
  • Social Distancing and Barrier Applications

A logical extension of its historic use in sneeze guards for food preparation and service, Trinseo acrylic sheets are used to help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections. The exceptional properties of this material perfectly match the required characteristics: transparency, barrier effect, lightness, UV resistance, thermoformability and machining.

Arenas and Hockey Rinks

Trinseo acrylic sheets are specifically designed for indoor arena glazing. These cell cast acrylic sheets have excellent optical properties and are produced using state-of-the-art acrylic sheet manufacturing technology.

Trinseo acrylic sheets can withstand stringent indoor arena conditions and will not shatter like glass. They are half the weight of tempered glass, making them faster and easier to replace when needed.

Noise Barriers

Trinseo PMMA is known for its soundproofing properties and can be used as an acoustic barrier. What makes these noise barriers so great? They are transparent! So they blend in perfectly with the landscape and let in light, making Trinseo PMMA perfect for noise barriers on motorways, ring roads and other busy roads, as well as office partitions.



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