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Chemical Recycling: Depolymerization

Be part of PMMA circularity.

A concerted effort across the value chain is required to realize the circularity of end-of-life products and parts. Trinseo’s depolymerization technology complements traditional mechanical recycling processes, allowing for the wider recycling of acrylic materials to support application circularity.

Depolymerization returns polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) polymers to their constituent monomers, in turn recycling a wider variety of acrylic materials. The technology creates high quality recycled methyl methacrylate (rMMA) feedstocks that meet performance requirements for acrylic solutions while also helping reduce demand for virgin materials. Benefitting from the high-purity rMMA produced by depolymerization technology, Trinseo’s R-Life product portfolio provides equivalent performance to virgin materials – but with a significantly lower footprint.

Learn about the depolymerization process by watching this video.

Our PMMA Depolymerization Demonstration Plant

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Recycled PMMA Through Depolymerization

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Trinseo’s R-Life Acrylics Portfolio

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Recycling Technologies: PMMA Depolymerization

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