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Visual Communications

Industry Overview

Let Your Vision Take Shape

Trinseo acrylic resins and sheets offer excellent substrates for signs, signage and displays that require a high level of outdoor protection, high impact resistance, and easy maintenance.

They can take any shape and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage and Signs

As Trinseo acrylic sheets are the ideal lighting materials for brands, they are used for the Signs and Signage market segment worldwide. Light, color and shape are what make a city vibrant and lively. Today’s illuminated signs are there to entertain, but they also serve as beacons in the dark. Trinseo acrylic sheets are an active part of this virtual revolution in our cities. Trinseo acrylic sheet specialty range is a craze-resistant, impact-modified formulation that not only exhibits outstanding thermoforming definition but is also well suited for both channel letter and pan face signs. Another specialty range of Trinseo acrylic sheets offers brilliant edge-lit technology that eliminates the need for bulky display boxes used in illuminated designs, replacing them with slimmer panels for an elegant, streamlined look.

Trinseo acrylic resins are also an outstanding choice for reflective and optical signage, for traffic signs that shine brightly, even at night.

Point of Purchase & Display

Be inspired and let your vision take shape with Trinseo acrylic resins and cast and extruded sheets, the material of choice for point of purchase and visual merchandising displays. Trinseo offers a wide array of specialty acrylic products, available in numerous finishes, including subtle shades, vivid colors, enhanced effects, and textured or shimmering surfaces.

Our point-of-purchase line of products offers the versatility and flexibility needed for high-quality, eye-catching, and attractive designs and installations such as:

  • Shelving
  • Tabletops
  • Backdrops
  • Fabricated visual displays

Trinseo acrylic resins and extruded cast sheets are available in a wide variety of options to bring exciting tradeshow displays to life.



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