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INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Solutions for Automotive Applications

Trinseo offers an extensive product line of INSPIRE™ Performance Polymers for automotive applications. These products address a wide range of technical and aesthetic performance specifications, enabling reduced weight and cost.

Trinseo’s talc-filled INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Solutions, such as INSPIRE™ TF1311 Resin, have been developed for aesthetic automotive interior components with high UV light stabilization, superior scratch resistance, and a low gloss level. As a result of their high impact resistance, they are especially suitable for interior applications requiring ductility, even at low temperatures.

For exterior applications like bumper fascia, our INSPIRE™ Performance Polymers, such as INSPIRE™ TF0808 Resin, provide high impact resistance and high stiffness combined with a good processability. This is due to their high flow characteristics. To provide the utmost flexibility, the resins are available for painted or unpainted parts and also for components with thin wall thickness.

Explore the possibilities with the broad variety of INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Solutions for your lightweighting and cost-efficient interior or exterior applications.


INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Solutions

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