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NEOGOL™ OBC Compounds

The exceptional processability of NEOGOL™ OBC Compounds ensures high aesthetic quality for large-surface areas and allows for significantly reduced thicknesses.

NEOGOL™ OBC Compounds are olefin block copolymer-based thermoplastic compounds based on a “styrene-free” chemical structure, offering excellent resistance to UV and aging. They provide remarkable versatility in terms of hardness range and fabrication techniques. This makes them suited to a vast range of applications.

NEOGOL™ OBC are excellent substitutes for PVC in the production of halogen-free articles. They provide a valid alternative to conventional TPEs in applications not requiring specific physical-mechanical properties produced for markets such as hygiene/sanitary, household goods, toys, sports footwear, furniture, and automotive.

Main technical characteristics of NEGOL™ OBC Compounds are:

  • Good hardness range: 20 ShA – 60 ShD
  • UV stable, resistant to ozone and highly weather resistant
  • Optimum resistance to low temperatures
  • Chemical resistance to acids, bases, detergents and aqueous solutions
  • Food contact approved (10/2011/EU, FDA)
  • *Recyclability

Contact our experts to learn more about NEOGOL™ OBC Compounds, which are suitable for injection molding and particularly overmolding onto polyolefins.

*According to the Association of Plastic Recyclers definition, which is based on OECD guideline and based on the data of LIFE16 ENV/ES00254 project of the European Union

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