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Solid Pigments

Solid pigments from Trinseo solve your toughest coating challenges.

As a global company with a localized approach, Trinseo is uniquely positioned to offer solid bead pigments for your most creative projects. One of only a few companies to offer both solid and hollow pigments, our responsive teams work with you to find innovative solutions that meet your needs.

Our portfolio of solid bead pigments is designed to provide varying contributions to coating performance depending on coating and application needs. Solid pigments can provide more coating porosity as they are not film forming and can disrupt the coating structure to provide more coating pores between particles. Depending on your region, three particle sizes are available.

image of solid pigments

Reach out to your Trinseo technical representative to determine how our solid pigment products can solve your coating challenges.

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From design to manufacturing, we'll work hand in hand with you to determine solutions unique to the needs of your business.