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Lithium-Ion Batteries

Solutions Overview:

Latex binders make up less than 1% of a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, and yet they can make an enormous difference to the power and efficiency of technology we rely on every day. As a global leader in latex binders, our polymers for anode coating formulations optimize performance for high-efficiency Li-ion batteries.

With over 70 years in the latex binder industry, we have the experience you need to drive innovation by delivering an unmatched combination of global reach, operational excellence, expertise, leading intellectual property, world-scale assets, and global R&D presence. Our latex solutions can lengthen the life span of Li-ion batteries and reduce the need for frequent replacement.

Latex Solutions that Power Innovation

Consumer Goods

Trinseo’s latex binders help power our everyday lives. Whether you are looking to optimize charging capabilities or enhance power supply, our solutions can deliver.

vehicle charging

Electric Vehicles

Driving innovation is what we do, and Trinseo’s team of local experts can work with your business to steer tomorrow’s vehicles in the right direction. Our anode binders decrease charge transfer resistance and internal cell resistance, while retaining battery capacity after thousands of cycles.

Energy Storage System

Sustainable energy needs sustainably optimized storage, and our latex solutions for Li-ion batteries can improve storage performance and deliver more consistent output regardless of weather and temperature variability.


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