Trinseo + ME: An Exclusive Series of Interviews with Our Employees

Let’s get to know more about Alice Chong, Administrative Specialist - Treasury/Controller, Trinseo’s Hong Kong Office!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Trinseo and ME Alice in Wonderland

Trinseo + ME is an exclusive series of interviews with our employees. Trinseo is the sum of all our people, who in turn are our most valuable asset. So, let’s take a look at Alice Chong’s story, the story about Trinseo + Alice!

Alice joined the Company in 1990, exactly 30 years by the end of this year. Working 30 years for the same company can be boring and dull for many people. What does that mean for Alice?

For your viewing pleasure, please click here to watch the English video, or here for the Chinese video.

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