Trinseo | ALTUGLAS™ 挤压板


Acrylic Extruded Sheets - ALTUGLAS™ EX and ALTUGLAS™ EI

Trinseo proposes two ranges of extruded acrylic sheets: the standard ALTUGLAS™ EX range and a more specific ALTUGLAS™ EI one for your applications requiring a strong impact resistance. Both ranges comply with the ISO 7823.2-2003 standard and are produced in Rho/Italy.

A More Sustainable Version

Trinseo meets the demand for sustainably advantage materials with ALTUGLAS™ R-Life, a range of PMMA sustainable solutions, including ALTUGLAS TM R-Life EX Clear, White and Black, an extruded acrylic sheet solution. This material is produced with a minimum of 90 percent of reused PMMA scraps mixed with virgin PMMA resin. ALTUGLAS™ R-Life reused extruded sheets provide comparable performance to a virgin material.

The ALTUGLAS™ EX extruded sheets are protected by a blue transparent film on both sides. The ALTUGLAS™ EI ones are protected by a green transparent film on both sides too. The deliveries are in complete pallets (dimension 3050mm x 2050mm). If you need a specific length of sheet, don't hesitate to ask your Trinseo contact for a minimum length of 1525mm and a maximum of 6100mm.


  • 汽车和交通
  • 建筑与建材
  • Urban visual communication
  • 消费品


  • Cosmetics
  • Exhibition booths
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Museum casings
  • Noise-reducing walls
  • Point of purchase
  • 标牌
  • Signs


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