Trinseo | ALTUGLAS™ R-Life CN Cast Sheets

ALTUGLAS™ R-LIFE EX (Extruded) Sheets

ALTUGLAS™ R-Life EX is an extruded product produced with a minimum of 75 percent of reused PMMA scraps mixed with virgin PMMA resin.

ALTUGLAS™ R-Life extruded sheets provide comparable performance with sheets made with virgin resins:

  • Optical quality (high light-transmittance)
  • Low weight (50% lighter than glass)
  • High weathering and UV resistance (no need of coating)
  • Good tolerance thicknesses
  • Easy processability (drilling, milling, bonding, thermoformability)
  • Comply with ISO 7823-2
  • High recycling efficiency and reusing materials leads to multiple times recyclability


  • Retail/POS (visual communication)
  • Building & Construction (esthetical & protective partitions, lighting, railings)
  • Transportation (glazing for marine, caravanning industries
  • Interior Architecture/Furniture and Design


PMMA has the potential to be infinitely recyclable

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