Trinseo Connecting with Customers to Prepare for Brexit

Actions are underway to prepare and mitigate risks of potential disruption from the Brexit transition on October 31, 2019

- Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Trinseo is working with our customers and suppliers to prepare for the potential implications of Brexit.

Trinseo expects to continue to serve our customers during the Brexit transition; no shut downs are planned due to Brexit. Trinseo will be working with customers to schedule shipment before and after the Brexit transition. All Trinseo manufacturing operations in Europe are expected to operate as normal during the Brexit transition period. Trinseo does not own any manufacturing operations in the U.K.

Trinseo’s Procurement department has assessed our supplier base for raw materials originating from the U.K. and has plans in place to minimize any risk of disruption to Trinseo operations. Many of our U.K.-based suppliers have already moved materials to their own warehouses in continental Europe to prepare for Brexit.

We continue to monitor the news about Brexit developments. The situation remains dynamic, and Trinseo is ready to adapt to developments related to Brexit and work with our customers to ensure continuity of service.

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