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Why a Career at Trinseo?

Trinseo is a different kind of global materials company – at the intersection of people, technology, and customers.

Trinseo is a company with a proud history and an exciting future. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been a world leader in the production of plastics and latex binders.

Today, we are in the midst of transformation, focused on our portfolio, processes, systems and culture. Our employees have the unique opportunity to create a new tomorrow, built on ownership and innovation while valuing the diverse perspectives of others.

At Trinseo, our employees are at the center of all we do. A career at Trinseo presents an exceptional opportunity to work in a highly collaborative environment that focuses on impacting our local communities while helping customers solve their most complex challenges through sustainable solutions - it's the reason we come to work each day.

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Let's keep growing... together!

Our company's culture has been built over time, refined, and brought to life by the people that are Trinseo. Whether you step into one of our manufacturing facilities in China, a research lab in the United States, or an office in Ireland, every interaction with each of our employees provides an experience of what makes us so special. Some of the values that are reflected in our corporate culture include:

  • a visible commitment to environmental safety and sustainability
  • a dedication to community service
  • a fostering of trusted, co-creative partnerships with customers
  • a belief that every employee is empowered to generate innovative solutions
  • a respect for the diverse sets of skills, perspectives, and experiences that every employee allows us to access every day

If these values align with some of your own, and you’re ready for a new challenge, be sure to search for an exciting career opportunity below.

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Our people are a cornerstone to who we are. They work hard to deliver solutions that keep our customers at the forefront of their industries. In recognition of their time, dedication, and commitment, we are committed to offering competitive compensation, benefits, and incentive programs.

While benefits vary by country and reflect national laws and practices, Trinseo’s benefits normally include the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Vacation and holidays
  • 401k plan (U.S.)
  • Retirement plans

We also offer a Trinseo Performance Award bonus program, which is designed to align employees' interests with important annual corporate goals. The pay-out of awards is based upon company and individual performance.

Transparency in Coverage

Trinseo has an internal recruiting department and may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters. We have developed the following policy for external search firms and staffing agencies that outlines how to work with us.

Notice to recruiters and staffing agencies:

Trinseo PLC and its affiliates (collectively "Trinseo") have an internal recruiting department. Trinseo may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters (collectively "Agency"). Agencies are specifically directed NOT to contact Trinseo employees directly in an attempt to present candidates. Trinseo's recruiting team or other authorized Trinseo personnel must present ALL candidates to hiring managers.

To protect the interests of all parties, Trinseo will not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than directly from a candidate. Any unsolicited resumes sent to Trinseo, including unsolicited resumes sent to a Trinseo mailing address, fax machine or email address, directly to Trinseo employees, or to Trinseo's resume database will be considered Trinseo property. Trinseo will NOT pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited resume. Trinseo will consider any candidate for whom an Agency has submitted an unsolicited resume to have been referred by the Agency free of any charges or fees.

To receive fees, Agencies must obtain advance written approval from Trinseo's recruiting function to submit resumes, and then only in conjunction with a valid fully-executed contract for service and in response to a specific job opening. Trinseo will not pay a fee to any Agency that does not have such an agreement in place.

Agency agreements will only be valid if in writing, approved by Procurement and signed by an officer of Trinseo or his/her designee. No other Trinseo employee is authorized to bind Trinseo to any agreement regarding the placement of candidates by Agencies. Trinseo hereby specifically rejects, and denies any liability under, any agreement purporting to be accepted based on negative consent, negotiation with a candidate, performance, or any means other than the signature of a Trinseo officer or authorized person.

Die Trinseo Deutschland GmbH ist eine 100%ige Tochter von Trinseo, einem jungen amerikanischen Konzern. Zu unserem Team zählen weltweit über 2.100 Mitarbeiter, welche in 30 verschiedenen Ländern verteilt sind.

Für unsere deutschen Standorte in Schkopau und Böhlen sind wir immer auf der Suche nach engagierten, neugierigen und jungen Menschen. Wenn deine Stärken im technischen oder chemischen Bereich liegen, findest du bei uns eine Vielzahl an spannenden Berufsfeldern.

Wir bieten dir eine attraktive und sehr interessante Ausbildung, mit Übernahmechancen. Der Verlauf der Ausbildung ist sehr abwechslungsreich. Sie besteht aus drei Teilen, die je nach Berufswahl unterschiedlich gewichtet sind.

In der Berufsschule in Leuna ( erlernst du die theoretischen Grundlagen, die du dann bei uns im Betrieb anwenden kannst. Notwendige praktische Fähigkeiten werden dir durch den Ausbildungsverbund Olefinpartner e.V. ( vermittelt sowie durch die betriebliche Ausbildung. Es ist uns sehr wichtig, dass du in dieser Zeit unsere verschiedenen Anlagen kennenlernst.

Bist du bereit für einen großartigen Berufsstart? Dann bewirb dich!

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