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Trinseo offers a broad portfolio of plastics materials for use in a wide range of building and construction products: polystyrene, ABS, SAN, polycarbonate, TPE, TPU, and biodegradable TPC. 

建筑师、工程师和建筑拥有人一直寻找在一些方法,即可在无需影响风格的前提下,提升结构和标牌的安全性、强度和可持续性。另外,能效和可持续性的目标继续驱动建筑施工行业中更严格的监管、最佳实践和创新。 Our team understands your needs today, and is forward focused, envisioning and planning for your needs for tomorrow's high-quality, energy-efficient construction products.

We are highly active to provide a variety of innovative plastic resins that can offer the clarity of glass, the elasticity and haptics of rubber, the strength of steel, and the light weight of aluminum. Trinseo plastics provide insulation and UV-resistant properties, and are designed for aesthetic, safe, robust, and durable applications.

Trinseo also offers a range of high-performance thermoplastic solutions to produce structural sheets, allowing extruders to produce regular or insulation panels, but also heavier and more complex multi-wall sheets with enhanced thermal insulation properties.


  • 透明屋顶和玻璃门窗
  • 工业标牌和道路标线
  • 飓风挡风板
  • 隔热
  • 卫生浴缸衬垫和淋浴盆
  • Window frames and fittings
  • Sealants for underground /in-wall pipes, taps and fittings
  • Inspection chambers for sewage systems
  • Insulating sealing systems for under-roof surfaces, aeration systems and chimneys

Our products portfolio includes: