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Trinseo offers a complete portfolio of premium plastics and bio-grade materials for a variety of applications in the consumer products sector including furniture, household goods, and toys.  

We work closely with customers  to offer them the most appropriate materials for their applications incorporating key performance properties including outstanding durability, chemical resistance, and food-contact certification. The Trinseo product portfolio includes bio-based and/or biodegradable TPE and TPU solutions that offer significant environmental benefits.

Furniture and Household Goods

Consumers expect functional and durable furniture and household goods as well as aesthetics and haptics that meet current style trends. Trinseo's broad offering of rigid and soft-touch plastics helps manufacturers address these needs with:

  • STYRON™ Polystyrene Resins (general purpose) and STYRON™ A-TECH Polystyrene Resins (high impact), for toughness, impact resistance, and heat resistance
  • TYRIL™ SAN Resins, MAGNUM™ ABS Resins, CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins, PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins, EMERGE™ PC Advanced Resins, and EMERGE™ PC/PET Advanced Resins for durability, chemical resistance, and cost efficiency
  • Customized TPE and TPU solutions as well as EVA- and PVC-based soft-touch plastics round out the flexible materials portfolio. MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS Compounds, APILON™ TPO Compounds, NEOGOL™ OBC Compounds and APINAT™ BIO Biodegradable Compounds represent some of the customized solutions from our soft-touch plastics


盛禧奥与全世界最知名的一些玩具制造商合作,致力开发最好的材料解决方案,以提升孩子们的学习体验和乐趣。 We strive to understand and exceed key requirements of high-quality product performance, optimal functionality, rugged toughness, soft haptics, and vibrant colors by designing with the end use in mind.

A preferred choice of toy manufacturers is STYRON™ A-TECH Polystyrene. This is due to its high impact resistance, attractive aesthetics, and durability - qualities that enable manufacturers to produce attractive, safe, and affordable premium toys.

Many of Trinseo's TPE and bioplastics solutions are recognized in the toys and gadgets industry for their customized properties and consistently high quality. Our EVA-based expanded compounds APIZERO™ and APIFIVE™ are particularly suitable because of their lightness and ease of transformation. These compounds meet the rigorous requirements and standards of European Standard 10/2011 CE and FDA.